Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District #365
School Events

Bruneau-Grand View School District News

In a small community like ours, area schools are often the center of the neighborhood. It’s where children and families alike gather for the betterment of the community. To that end, we have many family-friendly events and programs planned throughout the year. We also like to publicize the accomplishments of our students and staff. Stop by often to find out all the latest!

Rimrock Jr./Sr. High Newsletter

We hope you will take a moment to view the recent edition of The Rock, Rimrock Jr./Sr. High's newsletter. The Rock contains information about recent student accomplishments, celebrations, projects, athletics, pictures, and more! You can find past issues of The Rock on the Rimrock Jr./Sr. High page of our website. 

Bruneau Elementary Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendars for the following upcoming events at Bruneau Elementary.

  • Monday, December 25 through Sunday, January 7 - Winter Break
  • Tuesday, January 9 - Board Meeting at 1:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, January 11 - Report Cards Sent Home
  • Friday, January 26 - Teacher In-service
Bus Route Changes

Starting after Christmas break, our Oreana and Grand View bus routes will change.

In November's board meeting, Bruneau Grand View's trustees voted to change the bus routes in order to decrease student ride times and decrease total route mileage (saving our students time and the district money). A summary of changes is available below.

The Grand View town route will now start with Simplot pickups at 6:34 a.m. Drena and John have run the route and provided hand-written notes of the estimated morning arrivals (with three to four minutes) times. Please take a moment to review the new times, and call Transportation Director John Aquiso at 208.599-2625, Drena at 208.834.2899, or Denise at 208.834.2304 with questions.

Oreana's morning route will start 10-12 minutes later, so expect your student riding Denise's bus to be at their morning pick-up 10 minutes later than their current pick-up time. Additionally, Denise will pick up students in the Whitted Lane area at the end of her elementary morning route (7:23 a.m.) before heading to Grand View Elementary.

These changes will take effect on our first day back to school after Christmas break on January 8, 2018. Please see our bus route changes for more information.

Grandview Elementary Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for the following upcoming events at Grandview Elementary.

  • Wednesday, December 20 - Winter Concert at 6:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, December 21 - Early Release
  • Monday, December 25 through Sunday, January 7 - Winter Break
  • Tuesday, January 9 - Board Meeting at 1:00 p.m.
  • Friday, January 26 - Teacher In-service