Get Involved

One of the goals at the Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District is to foster relationships with parents, encouraging cooperation between families and school to establish and achieve common educational goals for students.

We recognize that parents are individually responsible for their children, and the district provides direct services of education for students during the time they are under the care, custody, and supervision of school district personnel. School staff will consult with parents regarding student progress and achievement as well as methods to enhance student development and regarding matters of correction.

In addition, we encourage parental involvement within the schools through regular communication with the school principal and staff, participation in the parent/teacher association, volunteering in the classroom, and other opportunities available at the school or district.


We encourage parents and community members to volunteer in all our schools. Call the school or contact your child’s teacher if you are willing and able to commit to helping.

New laws require a completed application and a background check for regular volunteers. Volunteers must respect the learning environment and make every effort to refrain from distracting students in the classroom. To maintain a professional learning environment, please leave other children at home and in the care of another responsible adult when you volunteer.

Parent Teacher Association

Our joint Parent Teacher Association works with district administration to provide additional resources not provided for in the regular school budget. We hold fundraising activities to purchase PE equipment, additional library books, classroom supplies, and more. Get involved and join us at our next meeting!

PTO Officers
President – Jacque Black