Food Services

A happy child is a healthy child, and that starts with the proper nutrition to get through the day. We provide wholesome meals for students in the district and meet the nutritional guidelines set forth by the USDA and other federal programs. We offer a free breakfast to all our students and affordable, healthy lunches for all.

If you have any questions regarding our food service program, please contact our Food Service Director, Jessica Medrano.

Free Breakfast

Provision 2 implements free breakfast for all students.

District Policy on Lunch Charges

Boy sitting in the cafeteria with his lunchAccording to district Policy (3010), the district extends credits to students as a courtesy. Students may charge only first meal purchases. Students cannot purchase a la carte items including milk and seconds on credit. When purchasing a la carte items, funds must be available on a student’s food service account, or the student must pay in cash. Students (family) are to repay all extended credit amounts. If a parent/guardian does not want their student to charge meals, they must contact the Food and Nutrition Services Director, Jessica Medrano.

Food and Nutrition Services will collect unpaid meal charges throughout the year. If the cost of school lunches becomes a financial hardship, we encourage you to apply for free and reduced lunches. You can find the application at the side of this page. Unpaid meal charges are required to be paid in full in order for a student to receive their diploma upon graduation.