Choose Us

There are plenty of reasons to choose the Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District, starting with our size. A small school district affords teachers the ability to get to know each child on our campuses—not just those in our classrooms. The result is a seamless transition from one school year to the next.

Our teachers are all highly qualified in the subject areas they teach, and they continually strive to improve their teaching through professional development opportunities offered throughout the school year. Additionally, our academic programs ensure that students receive a solid educational foundation upon which they can build and grow.

Exceptional Academic Programs

We offer a variety of academic programs to help ensure each child succeeds.

Title I
Federal Title I funds allow us to provide our students with additional academic support and learning opportunities. We are also able to provide additional instruction in reading and mathematics, including after-school and summer programs, to reinforce instruction.

ELL Program
Our English Language Learner program provides support to students whose first language is not English. Students receive specialized instruction in reading comprehension, speaking and listening, and writing.

Special Education
Students who qualify for special education services receive support in the least restrictive environment possible. This often means that students remain in the general education classroom throughout most or all of the school day with modifications available so they can meet their individual academic goals.