Registration & Immunizations

Congratulations on your decision to enroll your child at one of the Bruneau-Grand View schools. Whether your child is entering school for the first time or is a transfer from another district, we have all the necessary information and forms here for your convenience. Welcome to our district!


Visiting your child’s new school campus can help put jittery feelings at ease—both yours and your child’s! Stop by the school to turn in all necessary registration forms and documentation. When you arrive, please bring with you:

  • Child’s original birth certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of residency
  • Withdrawal forms (if transferring from another school)

Student Withdrawals

We are sad to see any student leave, but we understand that families must move because of job relocation, to be closer to families, or for a host of other reasons. If your child will be withdrawing from our school district, please contact the school office a day or two prior to any move. This will allow our staff to gather all of your child’s materials. Upon request, we will transfer records directly to the new school. Prior to withdrawing, students must return all library books and school materials.

Immunizations and Birth Certificates

Students entering kindergarten or the first grade, who did not attend kindergarten, must have a birth certificate and immunization records at the time of registration.

Rules and regulations of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, according to Idaho Code Section 39-4801, require that proof of immunization against certain childhood diseases be presented for children in preschool and kindergarten through grade twelve (12) attending any public, private or parochial schools in Idaho. Parents must bring proof of immunization at the time of registration or, if they choose to exempt their child from the state school immunization requirements for medical, religious, and/or other grounds, submit a signed certificate or signed statement as outlined in Idaho Code Section 39-4802.

According to Idaho Code 33-201 for a child who did not attend kindergarten, school age to enter the first grade shall be six if this age has been reached on or before September 1. For a child who attends kindergarten school age shall be five if this age has been reached on or before September 1.

Guardianship: The Board of Trustees requires that a student wishing to enroll in school who is residing with someone other than his/her parents must submit to the principal of the school, a legal document showing that the person with whom he/she is residing assumes legal responsibility for the attending student.

Parents Access to Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, enacted as part of the educational Amendment of 1974, P.L. 93-380, establishes the rights of parents, guardians, or eligible students to have access to their children’s school records and limits the disclosure of personally identifiable information from school records without consent of the parent, guardian, or eligible student to:

  • Other school officials, including teachers, within the district who have a legitimate educational interest.
  • Officials of other schools in which the student intends to enroll; however, parents will be informed of the transfer, receive a copy of the record, if requested, and have an opportunity for a hearing to challenge the content of the record(s), if requested.
  • Authorized representatives of: Comptroller General of the United States, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare, and state education authorities, provided that access to student records is necessary in connection with the audit and evaluation of a federally supported program or for the enforcement of federal legal requirements in connection with such a program and that unless specifically authorized by federal law, no information is included which would permit the personal identification of students or their parents after the data has been collected.
  • Such persons as necessary in connection with a student’s application for, or receipt of, financial aid.
  • In compliance with judicial order or orders of administrative agencies where those agencies have the power of subpoena. Parents(s) guardian(s), or eligible student(s) will be notified of all such orders and the school’s compliance with same.

Bruneau-Grand View School District No. 365 will make available for inspection school records to parent(s), guardian(s), or eligible student(s) complying with the following procedures:

  • Notify the school(s) involved that you wish to inspect student records.
  • Make an appointment for inspection.
  • Complete and sign the request to inspect school records form. When the eligibility of the person(s) initiating a request to inspect individual student records has been verified, the school will make the records available for inspection.

School records are interpreted to include, but not necessarily limited to, identifying data, academic work completed, level of achievement, attendance data, scores on standardized intelligence, aptitude, and psychological tests, interest inventory results, health data, family background information, teacher/counselor ratings, and observations and certified reports of serious or recurrent behavior patterns. All of these school records are available for inspection by eligible persons. If there are records of individual testing in the district, the person(s) inspecting the records will be informed of the location and procedure for inspecting these records.

All personally identifiable student information no longer needed by the district will be destroyed.