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At Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District, we want to see “Every Child Learning.” Located in the southwestern corner of Idaho, our small, tight-knit community is dedicated to the success of every child. Involved parents, caring citizens, and high-achieving students are just a few of the ingredients in our recipe to success.

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Letter from Our Superintendent

Bruneau-Grand View Patrons,

On behalf of the Bruneau Elementary School students and staff, Grand View Elementary School students and staff, and Rimrock Junior/Senior High School students and staff, thank you for your support this year! The purposes for which the proposed levy revenues will be used and the approximate amount of levy funds to be allocated to each use are as follows:

Purpose Approximate Amount Allocated
Salaries/Benefits $474,509
Technology Services/Supplies/Equipment $65,500
Athletics/Salaries/Benefits/Supplies/Tournaments $92,992
Ground Maintenance/Building Care Supplies $16,999
Total Annual Levy Amount $650,000

The two-year levy you approved will allow the school district to continue serving students and families providing a high-quality education. It will also allow exploration of options to reduce the need for a large supplemental levy in the future.

Following the levy committee’s recommendation from February, the committee requested creating a long-range strategic plan to include drawing up a smaller school layout to see if it is a feasibly supportable option to consider.

As the district moves forward with the planning process, you are welcome to contact me with any questions. Committees will be utilized, and volunteers needed. If you are interested in being a part of the long-range planning, please let us know.

Thank you,

Jeff Blaser

Jeff Blaser