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At Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District, we want to see “Every Child Learning.” Located in the southwestern corner of Idaho, our small, tight-knit community is dedicated to the success of every child. Involved parents, caring citizens, and high-achieving students are just a few of the ingredients in our recipe to success.

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A Message From Our Superintendent

September 28, 2022

District Mission Statement - The Bruneau Grand-View School District will:

  • provide a high-quality education
  • prepare students for their futures
  • enable each student to be a positive contributor to society

Dear Bruneau, Grand View, and Rimrock Families,

As one of several new members to the school district this year, I want to share that the first six weeks have been an enjoyable experience. Besides the busy schedule of my administrative duties, I’ve had the opportunity to teach 7th grade Math, drive the school bus routes, and meet with new and returning staff in preparation for the beginning of the 2022–2023 school year. Change tends to put a bit of anxiety in the hearts and minds of students and staff, but this year’s changes have resulted in many positive outcomes for everyone.

Visiting the elementary schools, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the students over the past weeks, and each week I see new opportunities for the BGV school district to be a place where students can be successful. Bruneau Elementary and Grand-View Elementary teachers and staff are busy setting positive expectations for their students as well as themselves. Whether stepping into classrooms, walking the hallways, or watching the kids on the playground, it is very evident that the staff members who work with your children have positive expectations for their students' success and know how to lead students toward subject mastery. We are fortunate to have our new staff at the elementary schools; Ms. VanMeer, Ms. Patterson, and Mr. Orban, at Bruneau. Ms. Rice, Ms. Bradshaw, and Ms. Pearson at Grand-View.

At Rimrock, it’s Homecoming this week. Even with all of the traditional activities and the anticipation of class competitions, students are hard at their studies during class time. Watching Jr. High and Sr. High students engaged in learning during the school day is a rewarding experience. The staff at Rimrock Jr./Sr. High School is working hard to assure their students are growing and achieving every day. We are fortunate to have a new Sr. High Math teacher, Mr. Maroney. A new Sr. High English teacher, Mrs. Cherry. A new Jr. High Science teacher, Mrs. Waterlander. A new Activity/Athletic Director, Mrs. Dygert. And the Administrative Assistant at the front desk, Ms. Kalani Ratcliffe.

I want to invite you to stop me if you see me at one of the schools. Please introduce yourself and let me know who you belong to - in the lineup of students.

Thank you for your warm welcome to the district.

Jeff Blaser, Superintendent