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In a small community like ours, area schools are often the center of the neighborhood. It’s where children and families alike gather for the betterment of the community. To that end, we have many family-friendly events and programs planned throughout the year. We also like to publicize the accomplishments of our students and staff. Stop by often to find out all the latest!

SD365 School Infrastructure Survey

October 26, 2020

Dear BGV Patrons,

Superintendent Cantrell’s Community Advisory Committee will be mailing out (via USPS) a survey soon, one to each household. The purpose of the Community Advisory Committee is to provide Superintendent Cantrell with two to three viable, long-term options for BGV’s facilities, which he can then present to the trustees. The trustees may then discuss the options provided by Superintendent Cantrell and the board may choose to take action to incorporate the plan into BGV’s long-term strategic plan.

Please be on the lookout for your home’s survey. Each survey will have a unique identifier in the bottom right-hand corner. You will use the unique identifier at the start of our brief survey linked below:

Good News Benefitting Our Students and Families

Food Service director, Jessica Medrano, recently applied for a federal grant through the CARES Act to cover all student meals (lunch and breakfast) for the remainder of our 2020–2021 school year and the grant was awarded to us today. This means that starting Wednesday, October 14, all BGV students will eat school lunch (and breakfast) free of charge for the remainder of the 2020–2021 school year.

Additionally, Governor Little's administration developed the Strong Families, Strong Students program to provide Idaho students access to grant dollars they can use to purchase educational goods and services during this time of crisis. If you are a parent or guardian of an Idaho public student(s) in grades K–12 and impacted by COVID-19, you can apply for these funds.

We invite you to read through Superintendent Cantrell's October 13 letter for the full details on both programs.

School Consolidation Plans

The Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District 365 Community Advisory Committee is seeking community feedback regarding school consolidation plans. The purpose of this committee is to provide Superintendent Cantrell with two to three viable long-term options for Bruneau-Grand View’s facilities. Trustees will discuss the options, and the board may choose to take action to incorporate the proposal into Bruneau-Grand View’s long-term strategic plan.

Please take a moment to review the complete press release regarding the school consolidation plans.

New COVID-19 Protocol

Bruneau-Grand View trustees recently approved a revised practice/protocol for excluding students who are exposed to a positive case of COVID-19. Our trustees recognize the importance of having our students in the classroom as much as possible and are hopeful that this new practice will help us better serve our Bruneau-Grand View students.

Please take a moment to review our new COVID-19 protocol, and talk with Principal Meyers and Principal Burk if you have questions about this change in practice.

Rimrock Friday School

In a recent board meeting, BGV’s Board approved Friday school for Rimrock students with an “F” and online elementary students with a significant number of missing assignments. Please visit our October 2020 newsletter for more important details.

BES Route Update

Starting Monday, October 5, we will restore both BES routes. Russel Erwin will drive one route and Cindy Bachman will drive the other route.

John Aquiso has indicated that starting Monday morning the drop locations and times will be back to “the way it was” before combining the Bruneau routes. If you have specific questions, please call John or Cindy.

  • Cindy: (208) 845-2090
  • John: (208) 599-2625