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Bruneau-Grand View School District News

In a small community like ours, area schools are often the center of the neighborhood. It’s where children and families alike gather for the betterment of the community. To that end, we have many family-friendly events and programs planned throughout the year. We also like to publicize the accomplishments of our students and staff. Stop by often to find out all the latest!

Return to Face-to-Face Learning

In the fall and winter of 2020, Bruneau-Grand View allowed for online learning and blended learning to accommodate COVID-19 related concerns.

While we may allow some students/families to continue with online learning (with board approval), trustees will be considering having all Bruneau-Grand View students return to face-to-face learning at the special board meeting on Tuesday, January 19.

Contact your principal if you would like us to consider your student(s) for online learning moving forward, and we will put the request to the trustees in executive session for consideration.

Please see our return to face-to-face learning letter for more information.

Bruneau Elementary Christmas 2020 Program

Your slightly delayed Christmas concert is now available for your enjoyment. Thank you for your patience as we worked through these interesting times. Thank you to Mrs. Brim for all of her hard work putting together the video below. Please take a moment to watch what your children have been working on in music class.

Stage Two Athletic Plan

BGV trustees approved the high school athletic plan for governor’s orders on gatherings and spectators dated December 30, 2020, (see PDF in the Smore communication). We will also use this plan for jr. high sports, as appropriate.

Trustees approved the plan, with two modifiers:

  1. We will only allow home-team spectators in the gym (two per athlete) and,
  2. If BGV receives a written warning from the ISBE (for a violation), we'll revert back to the original stage two requirements (meaning no fans/spectators in the building).

This means that starting Friday, January 8, we'll be coordinating our efforts to schedule two fans per athletes into the game your athlete is playing in.

For more information, please see the entire Smore communication.

Free Student COVID Test

As reported in the news, pharmacies at Albertsons and Safeway are offering free at-home test kits for students. Albertsons is now offering testing for all teachers, school staff, and students regardless of insurance status through the Albertsons agreement. Please read through this COVID testing update from Superintendent Cantrell for additional information, including a link to the testing voucher.