Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District #365
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In a small community like ours, area schools are often the center of the neighborhood. It’s where children and families alike gather for the betterment of the community. To that end, we have many family-friendly events and programs planned throughout the year. We also like to publicize the accomplishments of our students and staff. Stop by often to find out all the latest!

Supplemental Levy Election

The supplemental levy election is coming March 12, 2019. You can get an absentee ballot in the mail or here on our website. Once you have completed the absentee ballot, you can mail it (to the address below), email it, or fax it to (208) 495.1173. 

Owyhee County Elections
PO Box 128
Murphy, Idaho 83650

The deadline to receive the absentee ballot is Friday March 1, 2019. The last day to register to vote prior to the election is Friday, February 15, 2019. You can vote in-person absentee at the courthouse beginning February 1 through March 8, 2019. Go to the county clerk’s office and vote!

Boys High School Basketball

The boys basketball team is off to good start with the new head coach, Arron Hall, who coached the varsity team into their first victory in two full seasons. Coach Hall said that he “loves hanging out with the boys and watching them grow as the season goes on." We hope that our Raider boys can do just that and keep growing and keep getting better as the season progresses. We also hope for them to have yet another victory this season. For more information on this story and others, please check out our January newsletter.

Roman History Project

Mr. Smith's 8th grade class had a Roman day history project where the students made something from Rome. All the students worked as individuals except for three students. The three students were Cooper Raymond, Jack Meyers, and Layth Jenkins. Together, they made an aqueduct for their project. Layth said that his project turned out amazing. Aden Aquiso and Eli Aquiso each made their own pan flute. Maklay Moore made a model of Mount Olympus. Dallyn Hipwell made the Temple of Apollo at Corinth. Moss Macmillan made a beautiful lora. Taylor Gasper made a German cheese cake called libem and learned that not all Roman food is good. Cristal Araujo made chicken and bread. Conley Larsen built a Roman testudo. The students said that they had fun with this project and they learned a lot about Roman culture and their food.

Snow Days and Delayed Start

Deciding whether to delay or close school when the weather gets bad, sets into motion a careful and deliberative process that begins with the earliest predictions of bad weather. As soon as we receive information that a storm is on the way, we begin monitoring the forecast by the National Weather Service and other meteorological sources. Our goal is to make the safest possible decision for our students and staff. For all information about snow days/delayed starts, please view our snow days newsletter.

Inclement Weather

Children should dress appropriately for the weather each day. Children are expected to go outside except during extremely cold days (10 degrees or colder). Children need to have fresh air and exercise as a part of their school day. Please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed. All children will go outside for fresh air and a classroom break. If they are well enough to attend school, they will join all other classmates outside.

If we cancel school due to inclement weather, we will notify families via all-call and the school's closure will be posted on this website. 


As part of our comprehensive crisis response plan, BGV staff received training in the A.L.I.C.E. system this past fall. A.L.I.C.E. training provides preparation and planning for individuals and organizations on how to proactively respond to the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter. We invite you to read more about the A.L.I.C.E. process and training in this letter to all BGV parents.