Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District #365
Bruneau Elementary Students

Bruneau Elementary

Bruneau Elementary is a small but active school in the Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District. We value parent involvement, as our staff works tirelessly to provide the best education possible for every one of our students.

Elementary Agreements

In supporting the district-wide vision and core values, we expect all staff, students, and patrons to be respectful, responsible, and reasonable. Following these agreements provides for a safe environment that promotes maximum learning. As a staff, we aim to be a positive role model for all students. We hold each other accountable for the following agreements.

  • Attentive listening—Quietly looking at the speaker
  • No put-downs/Show appreciation and mutual respectUnkind words and actions are not acceptable. Instead, we give positive feedback to others.
  • Confidentiality/No gossipEach person tells only those needing to know.
  • Everyone participatesParticipation includes listening, thinking time, and contributing to the activities.
  • Appropriate task completionDoing the right thing at the right time

Our New Principal

Congratulations to Mr. Noteboom on becoming our new elementary school principal! In the spring of 2018, BGV Trustees voted (4-1) to approve the hiring of an elementary principal for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Mr. Noteboom's new position will allow Superintendent Cantrell to focus on long-term district goals while continuing to serve as the district's special services director. Read our newsletter to learn more about Mr. Noteboom.