Bruneau-Grand View Joint School District #365
Grand View Elementary Students

Grand View Elementary School

Grand View Elementary is a proud four-star and top performing school, as designated by the Idaho Department of Education. We serve approximately 94 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, and we encourage and expect our staff, students, and families to be respectful, responsible, and reasonable.

We have adopted virtues that we expect students to display both within our school walls and at home. Please support us in the modeling and teaching of these virtues at home, so that together we may grow responsible young adults who are ready to take on all that life has to offer.

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

We've been working hard this summer, preparing for your return. We're glad you’re with us this year and we’re prepared for a great 2016/17 school year. When you're on campus, you’ll see a number of school improvements we’ve been working on. We're working hard this year, to help the appearance of our schools reflect the pride we have in our program & students. We want our school to be a place your child looks forward to coming to each day. 

This year, we continue where we left off in our Character Education program, focused on Kelso's Choice Wheel, Character Building with Kelso and Tom Thelen's VictimProof. If you're unfamiliar with these programs, ask your child's teacher or give me a call - I'd love to talk with you about our programs. 

Our students learn about Kelso’s Choice Wheel, as a means to develop our school's culture and positive climate. Conflict and disagreement are normal and often happen when children get together. However, hurtful words, gestures, verbal, or physical attacks are unacceptable ways to deal with conflict and disagreement at school. By teaching students about Kelso’s Choices, we teach students several positive ways to deal with these difficult situations on their own, without relying solely on adults to do it for them. Kelso’s Choice is a curriculum that assists our children in developing conflict management skills at school, in the community and at home. Kelso’s Choice also helps our students differentiate between manageable, small problems they can solve on their own, compared to big ones that require adult intervention. 

Towards the winter months, we move into Character Building with Kelso, which teaches students how to be respectful, honest, caring, responsible, and fair with one another.

In the spring, we focus on Tom Thelen’s VictimProof curriculum as a means to reduce and eliminate bullying in our schools. Our character education program is a foundational part of our day as we strive to develop our students into citizen-leaders in their school and communities. 

There are many opportunities for you to be involved in our school. From helping out in the classroom by working with small reading groups or assisting with administrative tasks to organizing classroom celebrations for students who meet academic and behavioral goals, we hope you will find a way to be involved that is comfortable for you. Contact your child’s teacher, school secretary, or our PTA/PTO for more information about how you can get involved this year. 

Please stop by or set up an appointment with me if you’d like to discuss any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year.


Ryan Cantrell

Ryan Cantrell, Principal